Everest Epoxy Floor Flakes

Everest Epoxy Floor Flakes:
A Peak of Flooring Innovation

Step into the world of Everest Epoxy Floor Flakes, where toughness meets aesthetic appeal.

This flooring solution is more than a durable surface; it’s about turning your ordinary concrete floor into an attractive, lasting masterpiece.

Everest Epoxy Floor Flakes are tiny chips or flakes made from a vinyl-like material designed to be integrated into epoxy or similar resinous flooring systems.

These flakes, popularly used in garage flooring, add a textured, multi-colored finish to your floor, reminiscent of the rugged beauty of Mount Everest.

The Everest Inspiration

The name “Everest” draws inspiration from the highest peak in the world, symbolizing the pinnacle of durability and beauty.

Much like the mountain’s snow-capped summit, these flakes bring a touch of nature’s grandeur to your interior spaces.

They come in a cool color palette, mirroring the icy hues of the Everest landscapes.

Why Choose Everest Epoxy Floor Flakes?

Choosing a flooring solution is more than just finding something practical; it’s about crafting a space that mirrors your unique style and withstands the rigors of time.

With Everest Epoxy Floor Flakes, you enjoy a harmonious blend of durability and aesthetics.

This section explores why these floor flakes could be ideal for your upcoming flooring endeavor.

Visual Appeal

Everest Epoxy Floor Flakes offers an easy way to add color, texture, and depth to your floors.

The varied shades and sizes of the flakes create a unique visual effect, giving your floor an elegant and distinctive appearance.


Despite their delicate appearance, these flakes contribute to the robustness of your floors.

When incorporated into the base coat, they enhance the floor’s resistance against abrasions, chemicals, and general wear and tear.

Easy Maintenance

We seal Everest Epoxy Floor Flakes with a top coat, creating a smooth, stain-resistant surface.

This ensures that your floors remain as magnificent as the day we installed them with minimal cleaning effort.

Experience the Everest Magic

Choosing Everest Epoxy Floor Flakes means opting for a flooring solution that’s durable, low-maintenance, and visually stunning.

Transform your concrete floors into a work of art that encapsulates the beauty of Mount Everest’s landscapes.

Experience this unique blend of strength and aesthetics today!

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