Espresso Metallic Epoxy Floors

with golden brown and satin bronze

The Exquisite Expresso Epoxy Metallic Floor

As a discerning homeowner with an eye for quality and a penchant for high-end aesthetics, you understand that your home reflects your taste and always wants to enhance its appeal.

You appreciate metallic floors’ beauty and functionality but are uncertain where to find expert installation services.

The Problem with Traditional Flooring

Traditional flooring options often fall short in various areas.

They may lack the durability needed for high-traffic areas, succumb to moisture and chemical damage, or cannot create the desired aesthetic impact.

Enter metallic epoxy flooring. This innovative flooring solution addresses these problems head-on.

Not only does it offer superior durability and resistance to wear and tear, but it also provides an unmatched level of customization and visual appeal.

Finding Quality Metallic Flooring

Finding a contractor to deliver a flawless metallic epoxy floor takes work.

There’s a delicate balance between aesthetics, durability, and professional installation that only a few can achieve.

You need a metallic coat that’s visually appealing and resistant to abrasion, moisture, and chemicals.

The Xpedite Coatings Advantage

Our process begins with a thorough preparation of your current floors.

We apply a primer coat using our top-quality epoxy primer, ensuring a solid base for the metallic coating.

We then mix our metallic pigments with clear epoxy, creating a metallic epoxy that will form the primary color of your floor.

We use a rich, deep espresso color reminiscent of freshly brewed coffee for the Expresso Epoxy Metallic floor.

The metallic pigment provides a mesmerizing swirl effect, giving your floor a unique three-dimensional appearance.

Once the first layer has cured, we apply an additional layer of metallic epoxy, introducing other colors if desired to accent the primary color and create stunning patterns.

We apply a clear protective topcoat once the final metallic coat has cured.

This topcoat enhances the metallic sheen while protecting against wear and tear.

We also offer a non-skid additive option for added safety.

Your Next Steps

Ready to transform your floors with our metallic / marble flooring?

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Contact Us: Reach out to Xpedite Coatings to discuss your project. We’ll guide you through the process, answer your questions, and provide a quote.
  2. Choose Your Colors: Decide on your primary color and any additional colors you’d like to include for accents, such as pearl epoxy flooring.
  3. Schedule Installation: Choose a convenient time for the installation. We work efficiently and will minimize disruption to your daily routine.
  4. Enjoy Your New Floor: Once the installation is complete and the floor has cured, all that’s left is to enjoy your stunning new metallic epoxy floor!

Quality You Can Trust

At Xpedite Coatings, quality is our top priority.

We only use high-quality materials, ensuring a durable, long-lasting finish.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your garage with a metallic epoxy floor coating or want to make a statement on your business premises, we’ve got you covered.

Experience the beauty and durability of our Expresso Epoxy Metallic flooring for yourself.

Don’t Risk DIY or Inferior Services

While there are kits available for DIY enthusiasts, metallic epoxy flooring is best left to the professionals.

An incorrect mix, improper application, or lack of a proper primer coat can lead to disappointing results.

Relying on less experienced contractors might leave you with a floor that cannot meet your expectations and requirements.

A Stunning, Durable Metallic Floor

Our Expresso Epoxy Metallic floor is a sight to behold.

It features rich, swirling patterns that mimic the look of marble or natural stone but with a unique metallic sheen that adds an extra dimension of depth and luxury.

The color choice is a rich blend of warm espresso tones accented with lighter hues that create an exciting contrast and visual texture.

The metallic pigment we use in our coating process lends a shimmering, reflective quality to the final finish, making your floor a true centerpiece.

The Expresso Epoxy Metallic floor is more than just a floor; it’s elegant, quality, and durable.

It’s evidence of your excellent taste and commitment to quality.

Choose Xpedite Coatings Today

Xpedite Coatings, a company renowned for its high-performance epoxy floor coatings, specializes in metallic epoxy flooring.

We offer various color combinations and custom colors to suit every homeowner’s taste and decor.

Our Expresso Epoxy Metallic flooring is a perfect blend of luxury and durability, promising to transform your space into a sophisticated haven.

Don’t settle for less for your home or business.

Opt for our Expresso Epoxy Metallic flooring and experience the blend of style and durability.

Contact us today to discuss your project and get a quote.

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