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houston epoxy floors stamped concrete

How to Maintain A Stamped Concrete Patio


Stamped concrete offers a fun and creative way to customize your patio. Furthermore, a stamped concrete patio is easy to maintain and does not crack and chip easily.

However, to ensure that your stamped concrete patio lasts for as long as possible, it should still be appropriately maintained. Proper maintenance not only increases lifespan, but it also reduces the number of repairs that will be required and ensures that your patio continues to look as good as new as the years pass.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind when taking care of your stamped concrete patio:


• Use a mild detergent, water, and a broom to rinse the concrete. The detergent will help remove the dirt that gets trapped in the valleys and crevices of the concrete.

• Never use a high-pressure washer. Over time, the washer breaks down the sealer on the concrete and reduces the protection it provides. This results in a reduction in the shine of the concrete.

• Keep the surface clean of debris. This can otherwise result in permanent stains.

• Stay away from acid-based cleaners. These will destabilize and ruin the color of the concrete.


• Sealers help protect the color of your stamped concrete patio from damage. They also provide a shine to the concrete and help protect the surface. You should reseal your stamped concrete patio every 18 to 24 months – if you wait too long between applications, the sealer will start to breakdown, which will allow the color to begin fading.

• Avoid using salts and deicers. These are very acidic and result in the sealer breaking down very quickly. Furthermore, they can trickle into the pores of the concrete, resulting in damage to the patio.

• Never apply a sealer on a wet surface. Doing so can ruin the stamped concrete.
• Be careful when shoveling snow. The metal of the shovel can scratch and chip the sealer and the concrete.


A properly maintained stamped concrete patio can last you for years. If you are wondering how to get started on installing your own stamped concrete patio, contact Xpedite Coatings at 713-365-0444. We’ll get you started with a quick, free quote!


houston epoxy floors stamped concrete