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Is Stamped Concrete Cost Worth It?

If you’re looking for a way to make your external concrete surfaces more attractive, you have likely taken a look at stamped concrete. Stamped concrete is one of the most aesthetically pleasing options available on the market, which makes its popularity understandable.

However, before opting for this for your concrete surfaces, you have undoubtedly wondered about what you will be looking at in terms of stamped concrete cost.

After all, the stamped concrete cost will help determine whether or not this option is right for your surfaces. If it is more than you have budgeted for, you will likely not choose to go with stamped concrete.

This article will help you understand what you will be likely to invest in terms of stamped concrete cost and help you determine whether or not that cost will be worth it.

What is the Cost of Stamped Concrete?

The cost of stamped concrete is highly dependent on the design and the pattern that you choose. However, in general, you can expect the cost to be approximately $10 per square foot or less.

Keep in mind, however, that depending on design and color, costs can go up to $18 per square foot or even more. When deciding on the pattern of stamped concrete, keep your contractor in the loop – they will help you decide on an option that is not only attractive but also fits your budget.

Is Stamped Concrete Worth It?

Now that you have an idea of what stamped concrete cost is, you are likely wondering whether or not the cost is worth it. There are several advantages of the stamped concrete that can help explain the cost.


Stamped concrete is available in a large variety of patterns and designs. This means that, most likely, the only thing inhibiting the look of your concrete is your budget and your imagination.

Another advantage is that stamped concrete can be made to resemble other, more expensive materials, like stone and marble. You can even find stamped concrete in custom color combinations so that your driveway or other concrete surface is truly unique.


Stamped concrete is long-lasting and is easy to maintain. It also does not retain water, so you don’t have to worry about moisture and water damage to the design. In fact, the installation process means that the design that you choose retains its look for many years, so you don’t need to worry about the costs of replacement.

Resale Value

Getting your driveway and other external surfaces designed with stamped concrete can help increase the resale value of your home. This is because the more attractive your home, the more of a premium that prospective buyers place on it – and stamped concrete definitely helps increase the beauty of your home!

Alternatives to Stamped Concrete

If the stamped concrete cost has you shying away, there are several alternatives you can consider. These include

Paving Stones

These are available in a large variety of patterns and colors. However, they are much less durable in comparison.


Tarmac can look aesthetically pleasing and help your house stand out. However, this material is only available in two colors, limiting your customization options.

Plain Concrete

It offers similar benefits to stamped concrete but is more cost-effective. Keep in mind, however, that you do not have the customization options offered by stamped concrete.


This is an extremely cost-effective option. However, it is not attached to the floor, making it difficult to maintain.

Final Thoughts

With the many benefits it offers, stamped concrete is, in our opinion, definitely worth the investment. If you’re looking to install stamped concrete in your home, contact Xpedite Coatings at (713)365-0444 today. We’re happy to help you in any way possible.

houston stamped concrete costs


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