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Why Painting Concrete Should Be Done By a Professional


Painting concrete can help make your concrete floors look more attractive. It can also make your floors more durable and make them easier to maintain.

Many people think that painting concrete floors is an easy task that can be done without the help of professionals. However, there are several steps involved in painting concrete that can not only be time-consuming but also offer a chance to make a mistake and ruin your floors.

Some of the steps involved in painting concrete include:

Prepping the Floor

This depends on the existing state of your concrete floors and can involve anything from removing old paint to power washing the surface. If your floor is not prepared correctly, it can affect the final look of your painted concrete floors.

Choose the Right Paint

Concrete must be painted with specialized concrete paint or a concrete stain or dye. House paint cannot be used for painting concrete because it doesn’t breathe the way that the concrete surface does, which can lead to moisture build-up. This can, in turn, lead to the ability of the paint to adhere to the surface to be lost.

Check for Moisture Penetration

Before you can apply concrete paint on your floors, you will need to check for the moisture penetration levels. There should be no moisture penetration before you can start painting. If there is any moisture, it will need to be addressed first by applying sealer.

Check for Grease or Oil

If there is any grease or oil in the concrete, it can loosen the paint and affect its ability to adhere to the surface. If your concrete floors have any grease or oil, they will first need to be removed.


These are just some of the issues that can arise when painting concrete. If you’re looking to paint your concrete floors, you should contact a concrete professional like Xpedite Coatings. Contact us at (713)365-0444 today to get started!


houston concrete paint


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