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Why You Should Never Install a DIY Garage Floor Coating

DIY garage floor coating kits are available in every home improvement store across the country, and it seems easy enough to do.

Just mix a few ingredients and lay down the coating, right?

However, there’s a lot more that goes into DIY garage floor coatings than you realize.

For best results, you should always hire a professional instead of choosing to do it yourself.

Here are three reasons you should reconsider DIY garage floor coating:

• Time

Installing a garage floor coating yourself is far more time consuming than you may initially realize, especially if you’ve never worked with epoxy before.

You’ll need to research the right brand of coating, buy necessary tools, factor in the time required for cleanup, and so much more.

Also, certain parts of the installation process for garage floor coatings are time-sensitive, so you’ll need to take care that there are no unexpected disruptions to the process.

Going with a professional instead saves a lot of valuable time that you can spend doing more important things.

• Costs

Going with the wrong coating, or misapplying the coating, can lead to your garage floor needing to be redone so that you can have a genuinely stunning garage floor.

Additionally, many DIY kits contain coatings that need to be reapplied and redone far more often than professional coatings.

Going with epoxy floor professionals like Xpedite Coatings means that your garage floor coating will be resistant to weathering, cracking, and chemicals for far longer.

Furthermore, you can be sure that the coating will last for the length of its lifetime instead of needing to be replaced early.

• Code Requirements

Many areas have code requirements when it comes to redoing your garage that you may not be aware of.

The chemicals used when installing garage floor coating must be disposed of properly according to local laws.

To ensure that you keep to the legal requirements, hiring a contractor with experience and knowledge of laws is best.


With DIY coatings, you get what you pay for, and it can cost you financially down the line.

By hiring a professional like Xpedite Coatings, you ensure that your garage floor coating is done correctly and lasts for as long as possible.

With a professional garage floor coating installer, you always know you’re getting your money’s worth.

Try us out. Just give us a call at (713) 365-0444.


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