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houston epoxy gym floor

Why Epoxy is the Right Option for Your Gym Flooring


The right flooring is one of the essential elements in any commercial gym flooring. After all, given all the machinery that your gym will carry, your flooring should not only be functional, it should also be durable and able to deal with high traffic.

Epoxy is an ideal choice for gym flooring for this reason. Unlike other flooring options, epoxy holds up great against high foot traffic and can also withstand impact from heavy gym equipment without developing cracks and chips.

Furthermore, epoxy is slip-resistant and fire-resistant, which will help reduce slip and fall accidents and act as a safety precaution in case of other accidents.

Also, epoxy is easy to maintain, making it a beneficial flooring option for busy gyms that are open 24/7. Easy maintenance ensures that you have minimal disruption while cleaning, as you can clean epoxy in just a few minutes.

If you’re planning on using epoxy for your gym flooring, here are some ideas you can keep in mind to make the best out of your floors:

• Energizing Colors

Epoxy gym flooring can be customized to be almost any color imaginable. For gym flooring, consider selecting energizing colors like reds, oranges, and yellows to get your customers’ adrenaline up and help push them through their workouts.

• Highlight Your Logo

Epoxy flooring can be personalized to showcase any design you like which allows you to incorporate your gym logo on to your flooring. Designs of this type can be done in any area, from the middle of the workout floor to the entrance of the gym.

• Functional Design

Given the personalization potential of epoxy, you can segment your gym flooring into functional sections, allowing you to create everything from basketball court lines to designated stretching areas.

• Swimming Pools

The slip-resistant and waterproof epoxy nature makes it the perfect choice for any area near a swimming pool. It is also resistant to bacteria and mold growth, making it even better protection for these areas.

Final Thoughts

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houston epoxy gym floor