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Personalize Your Home With A Colored Concrete Driveway


Choosing concrete for your driveway and other flooring doesn’t have to mean being stuck with drab color options. You can opt for colored concrete to add some personalization to your floors.

Colored concrete is available in nearly any color you can dream of. We create this look for concrete in one of three ways:

• Adding pigments like iron oxide to the concrete so it disperses the color. Concrete that is colored in this manner results in a color that is mixed throughout the concrete. This means surface erosion will not affect the look and the depth of the color over time.

• Adding, or ‘dusting,’ a color hardener over the concrete while still wet.

• Acid-staining concrete with the help of acid solutions. This coloring concrete method can help create unique effects that result in concrete resembling marble and other similar materials.

Colored concrete is a particularly striking option to go with when used in your driveway. Keep a few things in mind when used colored concrete for your driveways:

Choose the Color Carefully

Light colors reflect heat and allow you to walk barefoot on your driveway on even the sunniest of days. However, darker colors absorb heat, and using these colors can the concrete keep heat during winters.

Keep the Length of Your Driveway in Mind

Lighter colors can help make a short, narrow driveway look wider. However, if your driveway is very long, you may want to choose a darker shade that will help shorten its look.

Take Inspiration From Your Home

With the variety of colors available to you, deciding on a shade to go with for your driveway may seem confusing. An excellent way to help narrow your list of options is to use your home’s color for inspiration and select something that goes well with it.

Keep in mind that concrete colors look different when printed on a screen and when used in driveways. Ask your flooring professional for samples that you can look at when standing on your driveway so you can judge what it will look like in the light.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to install a colored concrete driveway, contact Xpedite Coatings at 713-365-0444 to get started with a free quote today!


houston epoxy flooring colored concrete


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