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Epoxy Coating Design Options


Epoxy Coating Design Options
in Houston, TX

The popularity of epoxy coatings can be attributed in part to the wide variety of design and color options they offer. With an epoxy coating, you can customize your flooring in an unlimited number of ways, allowing you to create a truly unified design scheme.

However, choosing a color and design can be confusing and difficult because of the many options available. Here are a few fun options that you should consider when selecting your epoxy coating to help you make a choice.

• Glitter Floors

Flaked epoxy coatings can be used to create a subtle glitter effect on your floors. These very reflective floors allow you to brighten up any space, while the glitter also helps hide any blemishes that your floor may have. An added advantage is that these are among the most affordable “effects” you can opt for with an epoxy coating.

• Metallic Floors

Metallic floors provide a flowing, marbled look with iridescent accents that creates a stunning visual effect. They’re an excellent option for high-traffic areas because of the pleasing look they create and serve as an affordable alternative to marble. However, this effect is not recommended for outdoor flooring because creating the metallic effect leaves the epoxy coating vulnerable to UV damage.

• 3D Floors

A new trend with epoxy floors involves printing a 3D image on the concrete flooring’s surface and then finishing the floor with an epoxy coating. These types of images provide a fun and exciting twist to flooring design and allow you to experiment with themes that reflect your personality. These are recommended in smaller areas so that the effect does not get too overwhelming.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for further help in selecting a design for your flooring or would like to discuss more effective options available to you, contact Xpedite Coatings at (713) 365-0444. Our extensive catalog of samples will help you decide on the best flooring design for your needs.

houston epoxy coating 2