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Understanding the Concrete Polishing Process

Many homeowners believe that when installing floors, doing it themselves is as good – if not better – than hiring a contractor.

Choosing the DIY method can indeed help reduce costs in the short term.

However, many homeowners do not realize that the process involved in installing floors can be complicated, especially when installing personalized finishes.

One of the most common finishing options for concrete floors is polished concrete.

Before you decide on polishing concrete yourself, you should first understand the steps involved in the concrete polishing process:

1. Check the Surface

houston concrete repairBefore you can start with concrete polishing, you must ensure that there are no cracks or holes in your surface and that the concrete is level.

If you find cracks, holes, or other imperfections, they must be filled before progressing.

2. Grinding

Everest epoxy floor flakes before.Grinding down the concrete’s surface ensures it is entirely level and helps prepare it for the next step.

Once grinding is complete, it must be sanded to ensure a smooth surface.

3. Decorations

houston epoxy garage floor costThis is when you add any laser cuts or other decorations you have chosen to be part of the design.

4. Concrete Polishing

Buffing liquid marble metallic garage black veins.Once the decorative elements have been set, it is time for the concrete to be polished.

Though the concrete polishing process looks similar to the sanding process, it has a mirror-like finish.

During this step, the sealer is applied to the surface.

5. Final Sealer

Applying highlights golden brown liquid marble metallic garage project.In this step, a polishing compound is applied to the concrete surface.

This compound also acts as a final sealer and protects the polished finish.

It also helps ensure that your new flooring will not require much maintenance.

Last Thoughts

houston polished concreteAs you can see, concrete polishing offers several areas where you make a mistake.

If you make a misstep, you will have to go back and repair the damage, which can be time-consuming and expensive.

Furthermore, if concrete polishing is improperly done, the repair can be more than the initial cost of hiring a concrete professional.

Instead of opting for the DIY method, it is always better to hire a concrete professional if you are considering polished concrete as an option for your floors.

Work within all industries, including hospitals, warehouses, commercial kitchens, and parking garages.

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