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Can Concrete Coatings Be Applied to Damaged Concrete Surfaces?

Concrete is usually found in spaces that see their share of traffic and wear and tear, like garages and outdoor environments.

Heavy use, combined with the lack of any coatings, means that bare concrete is often easy to damage.

Concrete that is damaged and cracked not only results in an unappealing look but also an uneven surface that is more accident-prone than flawless, smooth flooring.

A great way to overcome damaged, unsightly concrete is using concrete coatings on your flooring.

However, if your concrete flooring is already damaged, understanding what needs to be done and what level of damage can be repaired with a concrete coating is essential.

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate is usually a result of an ample amount of water damage.

It happens when water gets trapped underneath the concrete surface and freezes, resulting in aggregate expansion.

This expansion essentially creates a minor ‘concrete explosion’ over time, resulting in exposed aggregate damage to your flooring.

Exposed aggregate damage is severe and must be restored before any coating can be applied.

Directly applying concrete coatings without restoring the flooring surface will lead to the coating having a short lifespan and costing you more money.

Cracked Garage Floors

Cracked garage floors are a common sight regarding concrete flooring damage.

The good news is that cracked garage floors can usually be repaired with concrete coatings.

The concrete must first be checked for any moisture and chemical damage. Cracks can then be filled, and concrete coatings applied.

Moisture Damage

Exposed aggregate is the extreme end of moisture damage for concrete flooring. Most moisture damage is usually limited to moisture pitting.

Moisture pitting is a small localized area of damage that can be easily filled with mender and ground down during the preparation process for applying concrete coatings.

This procedure results in a smooth, solid surface on which a layer of concrete coating can then be applied.


If you have damaged concrete that you want to cover with concrete coatings, you should first talk to an epoxy flooring expert at Xpedite Coatings to assess the extent of the existing damage.

Contact us at (713) 365-0444 to further discuss your options and receive a quick quote.


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