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In order for your flooring to have long-term success, we must prepare the surface before we apply any coating. We remove dirt, dust and any other debris that may inhibit a strong bond. We use a grinder with diamond heads or a shotblaster to open the concrete pores to ensure a good adhesion. We fill holes and spider cracks with a special compound.

By its very nature concrete is a porous material that entrains air. The miniscule voids in the concrete are a direct result of its quality, placement, mixing water, surface conditions and admixture use. Poor-quality concrete is notorious for air entrainment that quite often produces outgassing. When outgassing occurs we will apply a specially-formulated primer.

Normal Curing

For a urethane epoxy coating we apply a high pigment loading basecoat that is also a primer. It is available in 13 standard colors and 3 special-order safety colors. Color chips are then broadcasted. Once the basecoat dries we apply a hard polyurethane topcoat that is flexible and impact resistant. It offers maximum protection against hot tire pickup stains, oil, and grease. For exterior applications a UV stabilizer is incorporated.

Fast Curing

For a polyaspartic system we apply a primer followed by a basecoat. There are 8 standard colors to choose from. We also offer special-order custom colors. Color chips are then broadcasted and once the base coat dries, we apply a UV stable topcoat and offers maximum protection against hot tire pickup stains, oil, and grease. With this system, we can finish a 5,000 sq.ft. surface in just one day.


While the basecoat is applied, color chips are broadcasted to get our Premium (lightly broadcasted) or Ultra Premium (fully broadcasted) coatings. We offer 18 standard chip color mixes and we can design any custom mix to meet the needs of homeowners, designers, and builders. Our Edge system doesn’t carry color chips, but we offer three chip sizes: 1/4 inch (standard), 1/8 inch and 1/16 inch.


It is a hard protective coating that is applied over the basecoat and color chips. It offers high abrasion resistance, it is impervious to most household chemicals and it is easy to clean. It also provides a stunning glossy finish that will add value and function to your property. We can apply a second coat to provide extra strength and a higher glossy shine. Check out some options for topcoats below and get a better sense of our products.

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