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Houston Epoxy Floor Coating

What Is Epoxy Floor Coating?

Epoxy floor coating is a popular coating for floors used in industrial, commercial, and residential applications. It offers a durable and smooth coat that will last for years to come. This glossy surface offers high performance against heavy loads and foot traffic.

Epoxy floor coating is composed of two components; polyamine hardener and epoxy resin. The epoxy and polyamine hardener react to one another, resulting in a chemical bond.

This chemical bond results in a stiff plastic-like material that is durable and resistant to degradation. We apply epoxy floor coating in layers that create desirable qualities, including water resistance, stain resistance, abrasion resistance, mold resistance, and chemical resistance.

Types of Epoxy Floor Coating

  • Self-Leveling Epoxy is a coating applied to new and old concrete, providing a smooth, leveled texture. Imagine a seamless shine from one corner to the other, and in any color you chose. Self-leveling epoxy is prevalent in many spaces, including residential and commercial. It’s widely used in enormous warehouses, retail showrooms, athletic facilities, and commercial garages.
  • Epoxy Mortar is the most rigid epoxy floor system available. It is made from solid epoxies and sand, making it an excellent option for floors that require chemical resistance. It can withstand an enormous amount of impact, making it perfect for mechanical areas, industrial plants, and restaurant kitchens.
  • Quartz-Filled Epoxy Quartz epoxy flooring combines a high-performance polymer resin with stained quartz grains, creating a decorative look. It is ideal for areas requiring a clean environment and slip-resistant properties. Think locker rooms, public bathrooms, building lobbies, and schools.
  • Anti-Static Epoxy (Electro-static charge (ESD) Resistant Floors): If you’ve ever touched someone and received a shock, you know what ESD is. These types of charges are dangerous in certain conditions, like a petroleum plant. This epoxy floor contains a compound that absorbs the static electricity before discharge, keeping everything safe. Best used in electronic and chemical facilities, or anywhere flammable agents are used.
  • Flake Epoxy contains beautiful flake materials that create a vibrant, colorful hue. You can choose your style, colors, texture to add a unique look to any area in your home, or commercial space.

    Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coatings

  • Easy to Clean
  • Durability, Lasting for Years
  • Stunning Look
  • Chemically Resistant
  • Improves Safety
  • Increases Brightness
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Affordable

The bottom line is that epoxy floor coating is exceptionally versatile. It’s not just a floor. Because of its functionality and incredible durability, it is used from airplane hangars to a small, residential garage. Designs can be simple or elaborate, incorporating logos and other images, providing a unique corporate identity expression.

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Whether you need an epoxy coating for a residence or a commercial property, we have you covered. We are happy to offer all our services at an affordable price. Contact us today at (713) 365-0444 to discuss the best epoxy floor coating for your needs. Your choices are endless!


Profile/Appearance: 4-6 mils, solid color.

This epoxy/urethane concrete system is used in coating smooth floor surfaces to increase light refleaivity and decrease housekeeping by eliminating concrete porosity and dusting.

System Benefits:

  • Color stable with urethane topcoat
  • Easy to clean/maintain
  • Excellent wear characmristia
  • Suitable in many chemical resistant environments
  • Light Reflectivity
  • Economical Product Selections
  • Variety of colors


Profile/Appearance: 18-36 mds, solid color.

Provides the necessary coverage to hide track marks, spalls, and other concrete imperfectios, giving the floors a solid profile. These systems are designed for industrial floors applications where the floor is subjet to moderate traffic and chemical exposure. Creates and attractive, extremely durable floors.

System Benefits:

  • High compressive strength and impact resistance
  • Easy to clean/maintain
  • Excellent wear characteristics
  • Suitable in many chemical resistant environments
  • Light Reflectivity
  • Good color stability


Profile/Appearance: Resembles marbled 3 dimensional surface.

System is created by adding a metallic pigmented powder to dear epoxy resins. These systems are considered more of an artistic creation, multiple designs can be constructed depending on application technique and colors used. 

Colors can be intermixed, allowing unlimited color variations.

System Benefits:

  • Creates a unique one of a kind took
  • Easy to Clean/maintain
  • Colors can be intermixed; allowing unlimited color variations
  • Creates a brilliant three-dimensional effect
  • Light Reflectivity

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