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Atascocita, Texas

About Atascocita, Texas

Atascocita, Texas, is a Census-designated rural area within the Houston Metro area, an
unincorporated place within Harris County, Texas. It has a population of over 65,000, one of the fastest-growing communities in the country.

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Atascocita, Texas History

Atascocita is named after a Spanish word meaning soft, water-laden, or boggy land.

Even though Atascocita was formed in the early days of Texas, modern-day construction didn’t start until the 1970s, creating a building boom that lasted until the 1990s. Presently there are more than 15 established neighborhoods in the area offering a variety of housing options.

Life in Atascocita, Texas

Atascocita is home to people who work in the downtown Houston area and to many retirees who make their way to the beautiful town. It is a lovely place to raise children. It is safe and has plenty of things for kids to do. 

Atascocita is a beautiful place to live, and it offers all the amenities you would expect from a community of this size and caliber. There is a wide range of homes in the area, from luxury homes to affordable ones, so that you can find a home that fits your individual needs no matter what your budget. 

With so much to do and so many great attractions, Atascocita, TX, has long been one of those areas that are always in high demand. 

There are several different places to go and see in Atascocita. There are also many restaurants, clubs, and businesses here. 

Lake Houston at Atascocita, Texas

One of the most exciting and popular things you can do in Atascocita, Texas, is to visit Lake Houston, which has an abundance of water-related activities, including boating and fishing. 

The lake, constructed in the 1950s, is an inland lake on the south side of the San Jacinto River in Houston, Texas. It is one of the most massive natural freshwater bodies in the world and is home to a variety of wildlife, including hundreds of bird species, as well as a great deal of water-related aquatic life. 

The reservoir that makes up this lake is the largest municipal source for the Houston metropolitan area. 

One of the most popular activities associated with visiting Lake Houston in Atascocita is boating. Lake Houston boaters can be found almost anywhere, from the shorelines to the inlet of the lake. Lake Houston boaters have a wide range of vessels to choose from, including yachts and sailboats and larger watercraft such as powerboats and jet skis. 

Boating is a great way to enjoy the scenery surrounding Atascocita, Texas, the lake, and to enjoy yourself while taking in the many scenic sights that the lake provides. 

Other Things to Do in Atascocita, Texas 

There are a variety of different things to do in Atascocita. You can go on horseback riding, boating, fishing, bird watching, hiking, and so much more. There is even a water park that is located within the town. 

The real attraction for visitors is the many attractions located in the downtown area of Atascocita. The Lindsay Lyons Park/Sports Center has a playground, barbecue pavilion, baseball fields, softball, soccer, and football. 

If you’re seeking nightlife, live music, and museums, then you can find them with a quick commute. The city of Houston and its attractions are only 18 miles away. As you may know, Houston is home to several professional sports teams, including baseball, basketball, football, and soccer.

It’s not surprising that Atascocita is ranked as one of the most beautiful towns in Texas.

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