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Floor restoration requires extensive experience in dealing with difficult substrates, particularly in old buildings. We have an extensive planning process to properly prepare your surface. Our preparation typically involves joint filling and concrete overlays. Xpedite Coatings has been selected for important projects such as the Old Fire Station in the Heights and the Blaffer Museum of the University of Houston.


Our polyaspartic coatings are the answer for tough floors subjected to severe abuse such as manufacturing plants, machine shops, warehouses, automotive repair stores and lube shops. Because of its unique chemical make-up, polyaspartic can be recoated at any time as long as dirt, grease, and petrochemicals have been removed from the surface area.


A cleanroom is an environment that has a low level of environmental pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, bacteria, aerosol particles and chemical vapors. A cleanroom has a specified level of contamination according to its usage. Xpedite Coatings provides an excellent seamless flexible polyurea membrane to provide protection against microbes, bacteria, solvents, and chemical vapors that is ideal for cleanroom applications.

Food Processing Industries

Xpedite Coatings offers several products for the food processing industry based upon polyurethane technology. One is a 100% solid aromatic cementitious urethane system with broadcast aggregate that offers a compressive strength of 9,000 psi. The other is a quick cure polyaspartic polyurea system that is UV stable and virtually odorless and allows return to service the next day, saving downtime.

The food processing industries rely on hygienic flooring solutions that deliver optimum cleanability and safety for its workers. Floors must be resistant to wear and impact and, at the same time, they must provide skid-resistance and ease of cleaning. They must be durable enough to handle vigorous cleaning procedures, which typically include very hot water, steam, and aggressive cleaning chemicals. It is clear that only high-performance floor coatings will withstand this kind of punishing maintenance.


Most floors in the workplace offer suitable slip resistance when dry and clean, but the same floor can become extremely dangerous when wet or dirty. However, it is commonly found that businesses are unaware of the potential dangers and liability costs that their floors present. Xpedite Anti-Slip offers long-lasting anti-slip protection for motel floors. Applied to any surface with different grit, color and thickness, Xpedite Anti-Slip provides a durable and safe surface. The slip-resistant nature of our system can be adjusted through the use of various finish coats.

Homeowners Associations

Xpedite Coatings has an effective and affordable system to repair concrete pavement using advanced technologies. Our Xpedite PSC system uses a specially formulated 100% solid epoxy concrete designed to repair heavily damaged concrete where a quicker turn-around and improved resistance are necessary.

Physical properties:

  • Compressive strength 8,000 to 10,000 psi ASTM C-579
  • Tensile strength 4,000-5,000 psi ASTM C-307
  • Flexural strength 6,000-7,000 psi ASTM C-580
  • Curing time: 8 hours

Waterproofing, Planters, Ponds and More

Spray-on Polyurea forms a water-resistant, seamless monolithic coating for waterproofing slabs, wooden decks, roofs, and other surfaces to prevent leaks, rust, corrosion and water damage. It has been specifically formulated as a topcoat for existing epoxy, polyurethane, polyurea, and other coating systems. It may be used as a standalone coating. This coating is extremely color-stable and displays excellent UV weathering characteristics.

Our polyurea spray-on coating provides excellent durability and flexibility, high abrasion resistance, and high chemical resistance. It is considered an excellent pond liner solution. Landscape designers and contractors specify polyurea to contain water for ponds and pools.

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